Schools in India

Schools in India
Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Nauni, Solan, Himanchal- A boarding school with a difference
Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Nauni is one of best co-ed and fully independent residential school in Solan district of Himanchal Pradesh, India. It is one of the distinguished school in India located in a hill station. Our School is a Co-ed Boarding School, with classes from Nursery to Senior secondary. It is an English Medium school. Our school is located in Nauni area of Solan, Himanchal Pradesh. Chinmaya school was established more than two decades ago. It is a Society and commited to upscale the thoughts of swami Chinmayanand. The school offers modern education of international standard on the Vedic principle of Vedanta.

Value Based Education
This academy provides students options with pre-eminent best boarding facilities & quality education at the primary, middle, secondary and senior secondary levels to boys and girls. School is located on main Chandigarh and Shimla highway.

Best CBSE Boarding School in Himanchal
Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Solan is one of the renowed schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools pinpointed in Nauni village of Solan district of Himanchal, and holds finest position among the top boarding schools in Himanchal and north India. Here, you will find dedicated and professional experts as faculties who ensure that the children will get a maximum out of their education from the curriculum designed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board. The school has given outstanding performance in the academic sphere and its students have excelled in every field inclusive of extra co-curricular activities too.

Vedic Principles
Chinmaya mission has deep faith in Indian vedic tradition and thus prime focus is empowering all individuals through rituals and “GAYATRI MANTRA”. By imparting vedic traditions school offers positive attributes in every child and enhances the power of deterence, acceptance and respect for all. By offering international standard of education braced by strong foundation of Indian traditions, cultures and values and rituals, Chinmaya school has set a milestone in the domain of quality education as a premier residential school for both Girls & boys in India and around the globe.

Life At Chinmaya
The school campus extendeds upto a vast area more than 30 acres amidst of hills of the Solan Valley, located inside Y S Parmar Horticulture University Campus, on Rajgarh Road very close to Shimla. ‘Smart’ classrooms are in place which help the students to cope up with this competitive world. The school also has an auditorium for seminars, educational conferences and other functions. Solan is known for its landscape beauties, green sceneries and pollution free weather and the school location is perfect as one side is surrounded by lovely wooded hillock. The greenery and natural landscape provides mental peace which further enhances learning capacity.

Boarding, is the best option for your child and it is more beautiful when it is loaded with wonderful memories and it is accompanied with learning and education, it will be the best future plan!!!

At Chinmaya Vidyalaya boarding school, we provide children with:

• Self-dependency
• Maturity in approaching different situations
• A safe environment
• Round the clock support for anything they need
• Discipline for life
• Better control over their emotions
• State-of-the-art facilities in the right place
• An environment fostering physical as well as mental growth constantly
• Bonds between the students that last a lifetime
• Highly qualified teachers who also teach beyond the classroom

Every prospect of student life in this boarding cum residential school is carefully conceived and regularly monitored with a specific purpose in mind to enhance overall personalities of all individual students. Spaces are designed to influence both learning and enchanting behaviour of life. Huge open space in landscape of himalayas and innovatively designed with finest architectural infrastructure exhilarate students learning beyond the classroom.
This school follows CBSE curriculum which itself had international standard of learning. School proudly owns the responsibility for facilitating the student’s ability to develop practical skills not only through knowledge and theoretical understanding but through own experience and by nurturing their own creativity and analytical and rational capabilities.

Well Trained Staff
Our private school has alright experienced and qualified faculty equipped to nurture students and shape them into global citizens. Teacher student ratio of 1:5 with Smart classrooms campus with in broadband-connectivity and restricted passwords, Computer labs for advance machines, Art and Craft centres, Play and recreational Activities areas, a road to digital book hub and conventional library, humanistic discipline Room, Amphitheatre, well equipped Physics, Chemistry labs and other facilities empower our students with skills of precision and competency.

Extra Curricular Activities
A comprehensive co-curricular programme including sports, humanistic discipline and community service provides a chance to each child to get his/ her natural talent and pursue them to excellence. Chinmaya is a school with a real difference. Along with a Boarding programme that gives holistic growth and state-of-the-art facilities, the varsity has a particularly child-centred and child friendly ambience.

Our boarding as a faculty has intolerance for bullying and we have student counselors on campus to require care of the emotional well-being of the scholars .
With the state-of-art educational facilities and sports infrastructure, Chinmaya is ranked together of the No. 1 boarding schools in Shimla. Spread across an outsized area, the building of the varsity in itself is sort of a jewel within the location. It is an English medium CBSE affiliated co-educational school -based in Shimla that has modern science and computer laboratory to show students practically along side the theoretical knowledge.

Athletics (Races, Shot put, Discuss throw, Javilin), Cricket, Basketball, Football, tennis , Volleyball, Badminton etc. are few of the outdoor games that has been included within the sports curriculum at Chinmaya. We have 6 huge open courts and a couple of grounds within the lush greens of the valley, supporting these sports. These quite games not only help the youngsters to be physically strong but help them embed the thought of teamwork, perseverance, patience, sportsmanship and leadership in real world as well.

Indoor games like Chess, Carrom, Ping-Pong etc. help the youngsters to tune their fine motor skills that needs co-ordination and dexterity. They help them become good strategists and wise decision makers while coping up with the important life pressures to be at par excellence.
Dance is a hidden language of the soul. Dance advocates the best psychological health and maturity. It helps children to precise their emotions through creativity along side the event of an agile body.

Our Library
Our private school has a complicated degree library and knowledge studies which is significant for way forward for those who wish to figure in schools, government agencies, hospitals and more. The library at our private school has been transformed into an enchanted forest complete with Astroturf for carpet. The room features a magical feel with a working water feature.

At our boarding we believe holistic development of the scholars catering to their intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth. It has served the society with progressive citizens who employ education and Vedic wisdom as a skill for all times — a successful life.

Our school is committed to unfolding truth potential of each child. The school works towards helping students evolve into responsible and caring individuals who have the proper attitude for fulfilling a balanced life. Living at our boarding amongst students from diverse cultures and countries build up a way of comradeship and creates the right environment for women and boys to develop intellectually, personally and spiritually.

Boarding Facilities
At our boarding, every student identifies himself/herself as a Star, but at an equivalent time their individuality shines through. With the assistance of an exemplary curriculum structure, exceptional faculty and staff, every student is given personalized guidance, support and counseling during a safe and nurturing environment. This helps them achieve great heights and make an enduring impact on the society, as many Chinmaya stars have already got

Pastoral Care
Boarding life is one of most memorable part of our life and it becomes more aspiring and beautiful when it is accompanied with different lovable personalities. With keeping this thought in mind we provide well professional staffs who performs diverse role with utmost care and love which enhances, personal, social and emotional well being our students. The boarding team is headed by the Principal who is supported by highly qualified and skilled teaching and residential staff, including the Housemasters, Assistant Housemothers and a variety of support staff.

Each child is under the supervision and care of a Boarding Housemaster/ Housemother liable for their specific age bracket . In Chinamya for each and every aspects of life care is taken off like in-built boarding facilities student have accesses of modern amenities including attractive bedrooms and dormatories and each have accommodating capacity of five to eight students, superb bath and shower facilities, comfortable common and recreational rooms like yoga and resourceful centre of learning i.e. Library.

In boarding we offer a home faraway from home where we maintain traditional values during a family atmosphere. We develop within the whole child a desire for truth, decorum, courtesy and high-achievement. These values are the cornerstones of success.

We provide an environment wherein students can develop their intellectual talents in an environment of positive encouragement and in conditions that are conducive to figure . Daily prep is well-structured, supervised, orderly and silent.

We encourage students to participate in activities in an environment which values effort.

We provide a broad range of club activities, hobbies and Sunday activities associated with age and maturity which will assist within the personal, social and cultural development of every student. These may include inter-house competitions, instrumental and songs , drama, speech and debate, visits to the theatre, festivals, talent fiesta, formal dinners with the dignitaries, Principal, overnight cultural trips, camping, trekking and outward-bound experiences, basketball, tennis, TT, badminton, weight-training and athletics to offer.

Admissions Open 2021-22