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CBSE Curriculum

The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education – CBSE, Delhi (National board) for All India Secondary School Examination (Grade X) and All India Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (Grade Xll).

Teacher Student Ratio

We have only around 20-25 students in each class to make sure every child is given the needed attention. We maintain a very healthy teacher-student ratio of 1:10.

Teaching Technique

Given technology is the need of the hour, all classes are supported by Educomp Smart Class, following concept based and application oriented teaching methodology.

vedic mind training

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For grade XI and XII, we offer the following streams as per the CBSE curriculum:

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, I.T./Physical education

Non medical
Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, I.T./Physical education

Accountancy, Business studies, Economics, English, I.T./Physical education

Political science, History, Geography/Psychology, English, I.T./Physical education


The school has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Geography laboratories with latest, state of the art equipment and materials. The school computer lab is well equipped with latest computers and the school lays emphasis on computer education from Grade 1 onwards.
Our library is stocked with more than 8000 books and every year the school adds more books. A variety of newspapers and magazines are also subscribed. All the classrooms are equipped with Educomp Smart class insfrastructure.


The faculty of Chinmaya Vidyalaya is the lifeline of the school, selected with utmost discernment for their experience and erudition, they are multi-taskers, who are committed to the dissemination of best practices among the children.

Our teachers are dynamic, creative, inspiring and compassionate. Chosen for their creative and effective teaching skills, our teachers, from kindergarten through to high school, have access to excellent facilities/ resources, customised teaching aids and multimedia options in learning areas.

Their love and concern for the students is all too evident, both within and outside the classrooms. We often find ourselves overwhelmed with the gratitude we receive from our alums expressing their experiences with the teachers while they were at school. 

"I owe my life to the teachers and their hard work and dedication towards us at Chinmaya boarding school. They were like our parents when our parents were away, made sure they give us the values to be a good human being. I miss my school days which were made special by our teachers who nurtured us like their own children. I am in touch with most of my teachers and wish that always remain so."
Himangi Arya (2012 Batch)
Architect, New Delhi
"I can never forget the teachers who taught me at Chinmaya. They were extremely affectionate and caring. They never failed to answer any of our questions, no matter how many times we asked them. They were our backbone in our good and bad, and made us all what we are today in life. They inspired me to become a teacher myself and teach with the same values and mindfulness as they did."
Puneet Dewan (2005 Batch)
Tennis Coach, New Delhi
"I am a successful business man today because of all my teachers who are actually my mentors and have taken me through all the difficult times I had at school with my academics. Today I am a Real Estate Developer and I have shaped my own life all because of the Chinmaya faculty. Thank you for your patience with me.
Alok Dalal (2005 Batch)
Real Estate Developer
"I am indebted to the teachers that taught me. We found friends in our teachers, with whom we could share our moments of joy and sadness. I have stayed in touch with all my teachers even after more than a decade. They are still the ones with whom I share deepest of my thoughts. I would love my children to study at Chinmaya, my alma mater."
Shubha (2011 Batch)
Lawyer, New Delhi
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