About the school
Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nauni  is one of finest boarding school for girls located in foothills of Shivalik range of Solan, Himanchal Pradesh, India. The journey of 29 years of this institution has been accolades with many accomplishments and it finally culminated into one of the renowned brand name not only in Himachal but echoed around the northern India. The graceful environment accompanied with safe ambience helped the institution to progress from being a school for privileged local girls to being a school that educates students from All over India and abroad.

Best Girls Boarding School
Our academy can confidently own a badge as one of distinguished Girl’s boarding school in Shimla. Chinmaya’s primary aim was to create an equal opportunity for education especially guided for young Indian Girls. The journey from scratch to milestone is filled up with stories. From dearth of fund, flat fields and with no access to any human resources, we successfully achieved our dreams. Initial journey of our school started with the few girls, within a year we touch the decent figures and now we breaking our own records day by day. Especially the bond between Staff and Student is much more satisfying and the charm further enhances when we count the number of students today. The campaign of Chinmay for girl’s education started with classes up to primary and now we successfully registered under Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) as Senior Secondary School. Our School runs boarding facilities from Nursery to Class XII.

An Affordable Education System
Today the biggest crisis for Indian education system is ‘elitism’ and ‘overpricing’. In a response to this dilemma Chinmaya school is contributing towards the solution. We offer one of best alternatives for girls without compromising on the quality. Our academy is one of most esteemed places for girl’s boarding within the affordability along with national standard of education. English is the medium of instruction and learning in the school. In the curriculum of School, English holds a place of very high significance, and every effort are made to make sure that every student reaches to a certain level of standard, so that she can easily cope up this competitive world. Along with this one alternative language is also taught in the Middle school to make them comfortable with their studies. We also value our rich tradition and culture and this prompts us towards special session of Bhagwat Gita Shloka session. The purpose of Bhagwat Geeta Shloka session is to impart knowledge and wisdom to provide them a value based holistic education and keep them in touch with Indian culture and tradition of “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam”

A Boarding School for Girls with Unique Infrastructure
The infrastructure of Chinmaya girl’s boarding school is captivating with blooming and pleasant ambience. The scenic beauty of Himalayas is further enchanting the location. The fresh air and eye pleasant view not only holds sanity but also enhances the knowledge holding capacity of mind. This boarding school is very well-maintained ventilated and has spacious classrooms decorated with modern equipment like Smart Classes. A well-equipped Laboratories for Chemistry, Physics, and Biology and a well-stocked Library with interesting books.

Furthermore, Our Girls boarding school offers the best hostel facilities for girls and committed to give them a safe and secure environment. Hostels of this school are well-furnished and maintained. As an academics’ professionals we are well aware of the need of human touch apart from huge construction of mortar and cement. We endowed to provide homely environment and in order to prosper in this desire we have a separate team of trained professionals, who take care of the daily needs of students. Along with all the modern facilities, this school is also have amazing dining facilities for its girls. We also would like to draw your attention towards menu charts which is designed as per advice of trained nutritionist so that there should be fine balance between mind and body.

The House System
We don’t want to leave any stone unturned and hence experiment continuous learning and activity in Chinmaya School. The House system is one of them. It is followed in our girls school and this House system has a special significance. There is a concept of Matron and a House Mistress for the guardianship and supervision, of each and every house. House system is an organized group within which the students can nurture their feelings and responsibilities, leadership and loyalty. Each house has captains who have designated responsibilities and authority. There are four groups such as Gandhis, Ramans, Tagores, and Vivekanands. All these groups organize competitions on the various sports fields and in other fields such as debate, music, dance, drama, quizzes, speeches and many more.

Boarding school for girls with best Faculty
Faculty is one of eminent part of any schools, as they are the immediate one who interact and impart the process of knowledge transfer. The faculty at Chinmaya girls boarding is very helpful, who are very much familiar with girls and treats them compassionately and helps them in every field of their life. At Chinmaya we ensure that every child becomes more confident and self -dependent. We nurture them not only for today but for the upcoming challenges of the life. The thorough professional and well-experienced teachers of Chinmaya boarding school impart quality education to girls and they also ensure that girls participate in extra co-curricular activities and inter-sports competition for their overall advancement. Learning is a continuous act and its pace should neither be decelerated nor accelerated. The School provides a friendly and secure atmosphere for the girls.

Sports And Co-Curricular Activities
The Chinmaya Girl’s boarding School believes that along with academics, co-curricular activities are also compulsory in a student’s life. They believe that life’s biggest lesson is learnt on the sports ground. Physical activities are the daily routine of a student’s life, the school’s teams take part in several district, state and national level tournaments bringing laurels to the institution. The Chinmaya Girl’s boarding school has a huge playground especially designed for the students to grow their abilities and bring out the best in them. This school has several sports facilities such as Tennis, Badminton, Football, Table Tennis, Basketball etc. Along with sports, this school also organizes co-curricular activities because they help to create the best balance between the mind and the body. The Girls are encouraged to opt for any two activities from among the discipline provided by the school. The morning starts with Yoga everyday.

Vision and Mission that makes a Difference
The primary motive of Chinmaya School is to offer dominant scope for Girls education without diluting the quality and standards. The focus on the girl child not only empowering any particular gender. This effort of Chinmaya is developing scientific temperament, and thus drifting the society to the educated and sophisticated one. On the Contrary Chinmaya mission has strong belief that in order to attain modernity the Indian tradition should not be compromised. Modernity is at its best when it is combined with traditions and values.

Admissions Open 2021-22