Why Chinmaya School is the Best?

We all know that some CBSE schools are definitely better than others. What are the secrets? What are the differences? What makes Chinmaya school better than others?

Long Term Vision

Chinmaya schools have an incredible conviction towards student excellence and academic brilliance. Their specialise in education quality is central to success of the varsity . The excellent for-profit schools achieve profit but that’s not where their conversations begin. If we consider countries that have recently been highlighted as having the absolute best schools or education models within the world, we see visions that also reflect this determination. A clear example of making vision crystal clear. India’s CBSE schools determined a vision that made education quality central to its goals of becoming a modern society and high morale. Chinmaya’s schools do not compromise on a long-term quality vision and this vision permeates every conversation and decision. It becomes the every day practice. It is not the tutorial content, not always the micro-strategies. It is all the items that reflect and power an interesting vision.

Strong and Sustained Leadership

Schools must also build visions beyond the tenure of their current Heads and it should be based on long term philosophy and sustainable ideology. Community buy-in, ambitious and almost unreachable goals must be attached to future strategic frameworks. Substantial changes on an outsized scale must be driven and motivated by a really attractive vision also as an idea that goes beyond the present contracts of faculty leadership. If the goal seems unreachable and a touch bit ambitious it’d just be the proper goal. If the achievement isn’t likely to happen immediately, it’d even be an honest timeline you’re setting for the varsity. Legacies are not built within 2-3 years. It takes long term and sustained leadership.

Highly Ambitious Standards

It goes without saying that very high standards got to drive planning and performance however it takes all stakeholders to completely grasp that reach. We know that prime socioeconomic groups and demographics of oldsters who have previously achieved high educational standards even have children who achieve similar standards. But it is not biology. There is no consideration aside from a determined specialise in positive achievement. The countries that have achieved a superb reputation for education quality all adopted standards at a national level, not an area level. The standards were driven from the highest then all stakeholders were engaged. International schools must be led by leaders with highly ambitious standards and a capability to stretch the vision and movie of their stakeholders.

High Quality International School Teachers and Leaders

The big ideas, vision, strategic plans and reforms are exciting but unless schools have the teachers and leadership to hold them out then they continue to be palaver. No matter what reform strategy a faculty is pursuing, the standard of the varsity rests on the standard of its teachers. Excellent international schools adopt policies to draw in, prepare, support, reward, retain, and advance high-quality teachers. Their focus and energy is up front in recruiting and supporting high-quality teachers instead of on the rear end of reducing attrition and firing weak teachers.

Student Motivation and Engagement

The difference in intensity and therefore the focus and time on task of scholars in high-performing systems is strikingly different to other schools.

How do they do it?

High-performing systems motivate their students to review hard through both intrinsic and external incentives. There also are cultural factors that are available to play. Not all children and families are different.

In residential cum boarding schools, the effort, not ability, is the prime determinant of success, combined with the high value families place on education as a route to social mobility creates powerful motivation. They care about academics and the output is success throughout the life.

The prime focus is to inculcate Chinmaya’s philosophy into the education and systemise rooted in ideas of discovery and self-directed learning. Teachers are extremely well-trained during this sort of education. Their motivation is far more intrinsic and holistic education is very valued.

In Ontario, the focus is on individualization. The Coaching and mentoring has become central to helping students achieve the aspiration of life. Quality

Profit verse Non-Profit

Is one better than the other? There are arguments on each side but to be honest the very fact that they’re for-profit, or not, isn’t what is going to make one school better performing than another.

It is “how” decisions are made. All schools should have an equivalent goal of high achievement including both student grades also because the many other characteristics of high-quality education we all know and value. A school is profitable future, as a consequence of quality education and repair to its community. Problems occur when there’s not an alignment between management practice and vision. If the conversations are about profit first, then in fact decisions will reflect that paradigm or way of thinking. If the focus is on quality education with international level competency, the outcome will come naturally as a consequence of the education it provides. There is no money without mission and in fact there’s no mission without money. A school climate that values education standards first though, will always make more profit than others because we at Chinmaya do not hold materialistic value.

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