Top CBSE schools in India

If you are perplexed about your child’s bright future and looking for institution which can impart international level education mixed up with Indian traditional rituals. Chinmaya will be the best alternative!!

 Chinmaya is one among the simplest and excellent CBSE boarding schools in India offering boarding facilities starting from sports, dance, music to advanced infrastructure and well designed campus. Chinmaya may be a prestigious CBSE private school located in Himanchal Pradesh, India. Located amidst the gorgeous hilly terrain this CBSE school was established 29 years ago. The academy is a residential cum day boarding for boys & girls. It is ranked amongst the highest 10 CBSE boarding schools within the country as per the varied education rankings in 2019.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Solan, is be a private school in Himachal Pradesh near Shimla. Established by Chinmaya Mission Society, its history, influence, and wealth have made it one amongst the foremost prestigious schools in Asia.

It is located in the Nauni Hills of Solan district of Himachal PradeshIndia. Solan city is about two hour’s  road drive from Chandigarh airport and equidistant from Shimla. This academy was established and promoted by Chinmaya Mission Society and is one of the oldest surviving boarding cum residential schools and guided by philosophy of ‘Gurukul’.

It is situated at a height of nearly 1,750 metres and covers a neighborhood of 11 acres, heavily forested with pine, deodar and other conifer trees. The school has been ranked best among the simplest residential schools of India. The motto of the varsity is “Keep Smiling” which also gives a message of happiness.

Chinmaya is affiliated to India’s most prestigious educational board Central Board of Secondary Education. Children are admitted to Chinmaya in February annually, from class Nursery. Admission is predicated on a competitive entrance exam, held the preceding November, followed by an interview.

Nauni is the name of Capitol Hill on which it stands. The nearest railroad station is now usually spelt “Solan”. Our boarding is believed to be the oldest diverse gender private school anywhere within the world.

…a sanctuary from the debilitating effects of the tropical and humid weather and the demoralizing influence of Barrack-life; wherein they may obtain the benefits of a bracing surroundings and blessings of mother nature, a healthy moral atmosphere, and a plain, useful, and above all religious and rituals education, acclimatizing phenomenon of humans helps them to fit for employment and gear them to challenges put by the life.

The heritage of NCC (National Cadet Core) training and the spirit to serve nation is inculcated in the mind of student, in this CBSE academy is a tradition and there has been a convention that several contingents of boys were enlisted from this school and sent to further persuasion in the esteemed organization (NCC). The school continues to be trooped at the Founders’ Celebration in early December, and Chinmaya pupils continue to make a major contribution in serving the nation by joining the defense forces of our nation either by joining primary or by tertiary organization.

Leading CBSE boarding school in Shimla

With CBSE curriculum Chinmaya School, we believe that a comprehensive efforts broadens not only the mind but also the life changing opportunities.  It is a belief that has inspired us and our students for quite 20 years and has made us a pacesetter in CBSE Boarding Schools in India

Being a number one co-educational private school in Shimla, we believe that the primary duty of a private school is that the all round development of student. This CBSE affiliated school Chinmaya CBSE offers plethora of opportunities for school kids to seek that sort of life skills while having access to a high-quality education. The school programs of CBSE Schools are designed in such a way that students can access more possibilities to develop teamwork skills and learn outside the classroom and school campus. We provide the kid with an educationally rigorous environment during which education infiltrates all aspects of his / her life. The purpose of meaningful education isn’t only to impart knowledge but also to supply compassionate, tolerant and powerful individuals.

The school is shaped on visionary idea of eminent Indian educationalist Dr Sunil Dhand, he is a firm believer that young mind can flourish when their horizons are broadened and extended beyond their academic potential.

At The Chinmaya CBSE School our teachers are committed to develop the qualities of compassion, honesty, initiative, a thirst for adventure and a way of service to others in our students. Our intention isn’t just to organize our students for exams, but also for all times.
Chinmaya CBSE School is one among the Indian’s leading boarding schools in, India, co-educational and dedicated to delivering an ethos which stretches, challenges, nurtures and develops every child, so that they grow as leaders of tomorrow.

Library resources

The Library Chinmaya CBSE school is gateway to unlimited educational hub that is designed to support the school’s vision of developing and affirms our commitment to “confident and actively involved life-long learners” through its presence collections. Learners are at the centre of learning within the library. We give every student the chance to find out, to enjoy reading, and to make new knowledge and understanding within the library.
The school features a well-stocked library complete with books not only concerning the course material but also of all subjects starting from public knowledge to science, fiction, astronomy, religion etc. We provide top quality education and an environment  with all the required tools of learning. The Library is additionally connected via the web to all or any the main libraries of the planet , this enables the scholars to pursue his / her interest and develop analytical and rational thinking.

CBSE affiliated school offering a wide selection of co-curricular activities to students

CBSE affiliated school to supply an upscale selection of co-curricular activities to students of all ages.
It is only through this exposure that a toddler becomes conscious of his/her special interests and skills. This successively allows a toddler to receive appreciation and acclaim and to grow confidently. This confidence then gets reflected in other aspects of life and helps them in easing their life’s goal and to all round growth and progress.

Our co-curricular activities include hobbies, publications, interest clubs including community service. The nature and range of those activities aren’t static and still evolve as per the interests and skills of the scholar body and therefore the faculty. The co-curricular activities offer pottery, sculpture, Indian dance and Indian & Western music.
There are clubs and societies for English & Hindi debating, dramas, creative writing & poetry recitation, gardening, software programming, etiquette, quiz, chess, nature, scholastics, and so on. There is also provision for Community service which includes visits to an old age home or orphanage that helps them to enhance their social emotional skills and teaches them value of relations. We also tutor them to respect our mother nature which involves waste management, campus cleanliness and this develop the sense to clear the dues towards community.

CBSE school impart international standard education through SMART CLASS

Smart Class are now the need of hour. In this competitive world we cannot effort to lag in the technological race. We opted for a comprehensive solution which not only assist teachers in meeting with their day to day classroom challenges but also extended the realm of understanding and further increases students academic performance and student grasping and understanding power with simple, practical and meaningful use of technological advancements. Chinmaya smart class programmers provide faculties the instant access to multimedia content, which makes teaching content not only easy and interactive, it also helps student to grasp the grass root concepts with crystal clearance.

Smart class content designed as per CBSE curriculum helps teachers to ensure that every child in the class is receiving and learning with great pace, given the wide diversity of learning styles in the classroom.

Smart Class at Chinmaya CBSE school simplifies the problems of teaching, abstract curriculum concepts that are difficult for school kids to ascertain or relate to, through the availability of three-dimensional, interactive multimedia modules. At Chinmaya CBSE school teachers are committed towards nurturing the inherent potential and talent of every student to make lifelong learners and shape them into the leaders of tomorrow!!!

Admissions Open 2021-22