An Affordable Boys Residential School

Chinmaya School, is among one of best Senior Secondary School (XIXII) boarding school, affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), a national board of India. The School is an English medium Boys Boarding cum residential School, with classes starting from Nursery to XII. The school is located in Shivalik Hills of Himalayan range (Himanchal Pradesh). Chinmaya boys boarding school was established more than 29 years ago. It is a Private School. The school is member of Chinmaya Mission Society.
The school is a full-fledged institution that prepares the boys for examinations under CBSE. The school ensures that the pupils acquire a sound foundation in English. They offer a whole lot of opportunity for expressing the individual needs and aspirations of boys through drawing, painting, clay modelling, carpentry & craft.

A School with Best Infrastructure for Boys Boarding

Located in Himanchal, a quiet town, at the foothills of the Himalayas, the Chinmaya Boys residential school has soothing climate and idyllic surroundings, making it an ideal place for boys to grow up. Chinmaya residential boys school spread over acres, is also home for 60 recorded species of birds, attracted towards flowering trees & shrubs in and around the campus. It is in the vicinity of Horticulture university. Over the years, the varsity has upgraded its infrastructure to supply students with state-of-the-art facilities. Today, the varsity is an epitome of modernity and advancements within the education sector; because the results represent itself.

The Learning Resource Center may be a unique initiative, taken towards the enhancement of skill and development among students. The Learning Resource Center includes the reading rooms, the category rooms with AV, the gallery, the reference sections, English Library, academic department. As a residential school we are committed to deliver the overall enhancement of individual personality, so there should be equal effort to be made towards building of moral and ethical values. We at Chinmaya provide the perfect atmosphere for budding minds.

The classrooms with well-equipped smart class setups, staff rooms, laboratories are at place and connected with assembly ground. The offices & stationery store are located in the administrative block. Junior school classes are administered within the “White House” due to its own importance and significance to the varsity.

Top Boarding Facilities & Activities for Boys

We at Chinmaya are strong believer on statements ‘A healthy mind resides in healthy body’. So it is obvious to focus on physical activity of the students. To meet this particular need all arrangements are at place and the Chinmaya Boys boarding School ensures proper training & encouragement for students interested in sports. The well-placed sports grounds with courts for different games like Volleyball and Basketball are designed in the presence of trained sports professionals. The playground designed, the fields are split into two segments, the main field & the lower field, the latter being the center for most sports events. The foundational structure of the campus has its resemblance of the Orchard field, the Tennis Court, two Basketball courts, one indoor Basketball court & a skating rink are the place where the players enjoy the most.

The Squash court enhances the splendid look of our playground. Chinmaya Boys boarding schools five is one among the simplest within the district with various achievements within the tournaments also because the Under17 teams. The Activity Center is primarily for school events, ceremonies and other co-curricular activities. The center includes a gorgeous swings area and a fitness gym.

Best Boys Boarding School that Offers a Nutritious and Healthy Meal

The students are offered nutritionally balanced diet and a variety of cuisines from a modern & well equipped kitchen and professional cooks. There is fine dining hall which can accommodate more than hundred boys and is the common dining area.  The Cleanliness & hygiene are on priority list for the staff members at the Chinmaya Boys boarding school. Keeping health in mind during this pandemic, special Fruit Break is given to the students wherein they are served with fresh seasonal fruits recommended by trained dieticians.

Medical Facilities at Best Boys Boarding School

The Chinmaya Boys boarding cum residential school has a well-equipped medical center with various equipment’s, Pulse Oximeter, Monitor, bed ward, an isolation ward, a medical store, oxygen kit, a visitor lounge and medical professionals visit is also arranged. The primary health center is also available nearby so any medical emergencies can be well addressed.

Top Boarding Facilities at Chinmaya Boys boarding School

Life at the Chinmaya Boys hostel may be a excellent spot to be and therefore the bonds formed here are lifelong. The authorities ensure proper care and security for the scholars residing on campus and go an additional mile to form the hostel premises homelike. The hostel faculty comprises the House master, House mothers and the Tutor. These are the people who go an extended gesture to make sure that the youngsters are safe, get the specified academic assistance and have grownup to speak volumes when growing up.
The hostels are split into three different boarding facilities consistent with the vivid classification. The mind can be well nurtured by the link between the scholars and therefore the faculty and ensures that ideas, thoughts and various issues are communicated in an effective and orderly manner.

The hostel rooms are well ventilated for air and sunlight, also the dormitories beds are attached with iron almirah to keep the essentials of each students of boy’s hostel. Keeping hygiene in mind, primary focus on sanitation, we also give the Proper facilities of sanitation, and hygiene and scope for selfgrooming are also provided here. The students are offered space and privacy along with facilities like the reading room for their academic requirements and also time for their recreational activity.

Academics & Admissions

Chinmaya Boys School follows the CBSE curriculum and hence we had defined structural framework at place which helps us in delivering our commitment to the students. The school follows the tactic of Concept Teaching, where the scholars are encouraged to know the essential concepts. Project based teaching, Content Centric teaching & Activity Oriented teaching form the base of the teaching method at Chinmaya Boys boarding School.

The Research Lab & Learning Resource Center forms a key aspect of the experience at the school along with experimentation-based learning. We are also gearing up with pace to achieve the motives and goal assigned by our New Education Policy (NEP).

Third Language Study

Although the Chinmaya boys private school follows the CBSE curriculum, it is mandatory for the scholars to follow the three language option formula and we are committed to deliver that. The language includes Sanskrit. Implemented from Class VI onwards, third language study ensures that the scholars are well versed with the language chosen by the time they graduate. Study of Sanskrit keeps the boys connected and rooted with the Indian history & culture too.

Cocurricular Activities Offered at Best Boys Boarding School Chinmaya

The Chinmaya Boys boarding School has been a pioneer in ensuring that students have proper opportunities to explore the multifaceted every aspect of society & culture. To encourage this, the institute may be a brimming ground of fun, talent and activities. There are various ‘societies’ involved in engaging the scholars in activities like creative writing, Electronics, Aero Modelling, Carpentry, Calligraphy, Kite making, English and Hindi Debates, Dramatics, Bird Watching, Photoshop etc. Various quiz and elocution competitions are organized within the school to permit students to check their public knowledge and work on their confidence. The Chinmaya boys private school has the Dance Club & Music club for the music and dance enthusiasts on campus.

Admissions Open 2021-22