Top 10 Boarding School in India for Girls

In the Indian educational framework, the importance of decent training is put up high on the list of achievements. A prestigious private school is one among the alternatives to think about for better education and professional training of a child as this encourages them to create up the power to grasp the realities of general on-goings. once we mention a private school for women in India, there are many things to think about before taking a glance at the tutorial syllabus of those institutions.

But, before that, why should any parent consider sending their daughters to a boarding school? the solution would be- an informed lady carries more to the table, and her training is critical in spreading awareness within the family and round her workplace. Given the present-day challenge a girl has got to face in building a sustainable life for herself, she needs to be considerably equipped to satisfy all the atrocities by herself. Sending your girl(s) to a private school may be a challenging yet right choice for her over-all development. A private school imparts this nurturing atmosphere for young ladies and capabilities of capture get improved. So, what precisely does one look for once you investigate for an honest boarding school?

The key pointers would be-

  • Security
  • Scholastic
  • Sports
  • Decent Scholarship programs
  • Extracurricular activities
  • An ethical academic framework

Welham Girls School, Dehradun

The school ensures a far better care facility and more individual focus for all girls. the unique part about the residential accommodation at Welham Girls School is that there are separate hostels for the juniors and seniors and includes a special dietary suggestion surely beneficial for children

Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior

Scindia Kanya Vidya ensures a cushty, secure and a flourishing environment for its girls.The canteen at the premise ensures to require care of the everyday requirements of the youngsters .

Convent of Jesus and Mary, Mussoorie

 The institute is both one among the oldest within the country and also one among the foremost well-reputed. aside from academic commitments. The institute also takes great interest in ensuring well-scheduled activities, sports and humanities.

Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer

The Boarding facility at the Mayo College for women is split as per the house-system to make sure a far better discipline, care, security support, and a fun-filled atmosphere.

La Martiniere for women, Kolkata

 the varsity has a long time Debate Circle, Craft Society, Science Club, an Interact Club which aims at welfare work and an Economics society which works on the sensible application of economics. The hostel provides a second home to all or any the boarders and therefore the infrastructure provides for a cushty and healthy stay.

Vidya Devi Jindal School,Hisar

The facilities of the varsity also include a Counselling team, Mentors, a Medical team and cleaning staff to take care of a well-balanced functioning of the power.

Hopetown Girls School, Uttarakhand

It is one of oldest institution which competes the educational status with International standard. This residential school is well equipped to take care of its students under the well-specialized emergency services and medical professionals. The meals at the Hope town school are worth praising and it has fine dining area. The food is well-designed by trained dietician which have required nutrition and taste. The institute has dedicated seven residential blocks that function a home far away from home for the women residing here.

Chinmaya Residential School Solan,

This is a Senior secondary school (XI-XII), affiliated to Central Board of education (CBSE) located in foothills of Shivalik range. the varsity may be a Co-ed private school, with classes from V to XII. it’s an English Medium school. the varsity is found in Solan. Chinmaya Residential School was established in 1990’s. it’s a personal School and is managed by Central Chinmaya Mission Trust, Delhi.

Shah Satnam Ji Girls School, Haryana

The Shah Satnam Ji Girls School may be a place to be if you would like for your daughter to become a fine, independent woman of tomorrow. The curriculum involves many activities and skill-oriented programs that are designed to assist the youngsters in their academics, activities, sports, arts, music and far more. The infrastructure is combination traditional and modern architecture, with various separate well-sorted spaces and areas for activities, dining, recreation, privacy and studies.

Vantage Hall Girls Residential School, Dehradun

The Vantage Hall takes pride in delivering international education with ensuring safety, security, education and boarding for the girl child and therefore the institute makes sure that every girl thought the importance of physical, emotional and psychological well-being

With the emancipation of girls and gradual rise within the social phenomenon of gender egalitarianism, voice of neutral Feminism  and no concept of sexually segregated (aka single sex) all-boys and all-girls schools are fading out of fashion. Nevertheless, as long as India may be a large and diverse democracy which hosts citizens of over a dozen major religious persuasions, distinctive cultures and mores and during which patriarchy is way from dead, strong and sustained demand for sexually segregated schools, and even education, persists.

Usually sited in salubrious environments including India’s unique hill stations which supply increasingly rare clean air and water, and led by a replacement generation of highly qualified and professionally accomplished women leaders and champions of gender rights and equality, the country’s vintage girls boarding schools are flourishing, albeit the overall preference is for co-ed boarding schools.

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